About Thanks for Grace

I am a Midwestern lady, born and raised in Southeast Wisconsin that has been living and working in Kansas since 2004.  I have made regular trips to see friends and family throughout the country and love to travel.  As purchased mementos take up lots of space and cash, I have recently found that photography is relatively inexpensive hobby.  This way those special pieces of my life can be kept not only in my mind and heart but shared and expressed for many others to enjoy.

Things that have always been important to me have been all aspects of the creative process.  These include brainstorming, selection process, acquisition of creative media, active creation of matter, refinement, clean up and reflection.  These pieces apply to whatever outlet is used – pottery, painting, writing, photography, cooking, baking, dance, music, etc.  As many of these appeal to me, I will try to keep this site organized!



Daytime life includes work in a chemistry lab, research and development on several topics, technical reports and writing from professional literature.  Stolen moments to run off with a camera and capture images in that wonderful light are a huge treat.


One response to “About Thanks for Grace

  1. Jacob

    April 2, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    Rock on, your photos are so beautiful. I am jealous. Keep it up!

    Your avatar is my favorite.


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